Pete Mason - vocals, voices, lead guitar, mandolin, shofar (ram's horn), violin, electric guitar, keyboards, Egyptian lyre, psaltery, dulcimer, kinnor harp, percussion, sound effects.

Cyndie Mason - vocals, harmony vocals, keyboards, trumpet (Fantom X8), percussion.

David Sinclair - Lead guitar (Judgement & Heaven)

Nick Vulture - Drums (Hell)

Dedicated to the memory of Pete's father Dr. Leslie Mason, Uncle Robert Sternik, Cyndie's step-mother Nora Grozelle and Fr. Joe Ponti, spiritual advisor of Myztery, all of whom passed away during the recording of this album.  May they rest in peace.

R.I.P. +
Tempus fugit, memento mori
Welcome to Tempus Fugit by Myztery

Tempus Fugit is a Latin saying that means "Time flies."  The full quote is "Tempus Fugit, memento mori," which means "Time flies, remember death." This album is a journey through Death, Judgment, Hell and Heaven, based partly on the near-death experience of Myztery band member Cyndie Mason, three days of spiritual darkness of Pete Mason and the Book of Revelation. 

Each of the songs is 15 minutes long.  Animation for the videos was done by Davide Di Saro.     
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Myztery Tempus Fugit