Infernus  (Hell)

Damned soul:

God hates me! Ahh! Forever! And ever! and ever, He [Satan] said!
No! Ohh! Ahh! I want out! I wanna die! I wanna die! 
I wanna die! I wanna die! I wanna die!

Oh! Why? Why? eeee.....
I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! 
I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!
God hates me! God hates me!
I'm rejected! Rejected! Ah ha ha ha ha ....forever!
No! No! No! No! Ohh!! Ohhhh!
I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! 

Ssss! Ahh!!! Arhhh! 
I thirst! I thirst! Ohh!!! Ahhh!!!
Ohhh!!!! Ahhh!!! Ohh!!!
It's cold! Cold! Cold! Cold! Cold! Cold!
Ahhh!  I thirst! I thirst! I thirst! I thirst!

I'm alone! I don't want to be! I want . . . 
I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate! 
I'm alone! I . . Ahh! I . .. Ahh!!
Ohhh... forever and ever I shall not see God!
Ahh ha ha... I'm lost! I'm lost! 
Damned! Damned!
It's my fault! It's their fault! Why!?

I hate them! I hate you! I hate God!
I going to . . . I can't take! . . . I hate! I want to die!
I cannot! Ahh!
Ohh! I want . . .sin! Ahhh!!! Satan! Oh ho ho...No!
I hate! These flames! These never-ending flames!
How it burns! How they burn! Ohh!! Ahhhhhh!
No! No! No! Ahh haa ha haa haa haa!

Jesus! Jesus! 
Christ! Christ! 
Ahh ha ha ha ha!!!
Ohhh! Ohhh!! Ahh! 
Ahh! It's cold! It's cold!
It's cold! I'm a . . I ... I . . .Ahhh... 
Ah! Why? Why?
I need water! Water, water, water, water, water
I want to drink!
Give me a drink! I need water!
Flames! Ahhh No! ha ha ha! 

Paradise . . . Lost!
Fool! What a fool I've been!
Ahh!!! Ahh!!! Ahh!! 
Ohh God! He's, He's rejected me!
I've. .. I've  rejected Him!
What have I done!? Ahh!
Fool! Stupid!
Ahh!! Ffffu!  Ahhh!! Shhii.!
I hate Him! I hate them! Hate them all!
I hate myself!

I hate! I hate! I hate! I hate! I hate! I hate! hate,
hate, hate, hate, hate ahh! haa!!
Ohh! No!!! oh ho ho ho ho ho...
Why!? Why? Ah!
Why didn't they tell me!?
They told me! Oh those Christians!!!
Christians!! Arghh! Those Christians!
Oh... I should have listened to them!!! Ah!

Oh! Baptized! 
Ahh! I've been baptized but I'm lost! Downward!
Blessed by the Blood, the Blood of the Lamb redeemed me but I rejected Him!
Sin! Sin! Ohh! Why sin!?
The justice of God is infinite! Infinite!
No mercy for me!!! No! Oh, no mercy, no mercy, no mercy!
Why did I sin!? Why did I not confess!?

Ah! Pride! My pride!
Filth of riches! Porn! Sex! Ahh! Drugs!
Why? In exchange for a lie!!!
Idiot! You... Ffffaa! 
I'm being destroyed!!! Ohhh no no no no no!
I'm not dreaming! I want to die!
I cannot die! I . . .these flames!
No! Ohh, these flames! 
Ah ha ha ha!!!!
Ohhh!!!! Oh ho ho ho ho....

Ohhh!!! ho ho ho.....
I am lost! Ah ha ha ha ha....
It is justice!
I . . . .I . . . 
Stench! Satan! Ahhh!! I cannot breathe!!!
Smell! Sick!
Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ....
I'm going mad! 
I'm not mad! I.... Ai!!!
I'm... I'm angry....
When? When will it? It cannot end!
Ahh! Ohh!! No oh oh oh....
Ahhhhhh..... torture, torture, torture....

The chains!
Oww....  I don't want to be a slave of Satan!
I . . . I . . . . 

No!  I . . . You! 
Aah!  Ughh!!
I baptize you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit! 

[Speaking in Satanic tongues)

You are mine! Mine! 
Silence! Shut up!
You! . . . Come here!
Ah ha ha ha ha ha....!
You want, you want a drink?
Ah ha ha ha ....!
I'll give you a drink.

You want pleasure?
Ha ha ha ha ....!
I'll give you pleasure . . .forever! 
A whip! I'll rip your flesh from your body! Forever!
You will burn with me! Burn!
You are damned! Lost!
You rejected!
You chose sin, so, you chose me!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha...!
You fool!

It's all mine, this kingdom you see . . .it's mine.
You are mine: my little goat!
Ha ha ha ha...!
Yes . . .
You will never die . . . you are dead . . .
eternally . . .dead . . .
My, my kingdom of death . . .
Do you like it?
Ha ha ha ha ha..!N


[Damned soul screams in agony as Lucifer
chokes him]

Ahh! You pig! 
You sick!  
Shut up!
Ku Zakaza!  (Satanic tongues)
Oh!  Crux Sacra!
Crux Sacra!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh! Numquam!  Ha ha!
Oh, ah, oh numquam! Oh!
Lux Draco!  Oh!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Crux Sacra sit mihi lux
Non Draco, Oh! 
Non crux sit mihi dux
Non crux sit mihi dux non Draco, 
Draco mihi dux!

Ahh...Christian, sealed with the sign of the cross!
Welcome to my kingdom!
You! You atheist!
Do you believe now!? Ha ha ha ha ha! You fool!
God exists!  Ha ha ha!
But this is my kingdom! Mine!
I hate him!
O the justice of God! Ah!
But He has given me power, forever, over you,
you pig! Ha ha ha ha ....!
You will die, never, never!

[Damned soul screams as Lucifer throws 
him deeper into the flames of Hell]
I Baptize you!

Oh! The Holy Cross!
The Holy Cross!

Oh!  Never! Ha ha!
Oh, ah, oh never!  Oh!
The Light of the Dragon!  Oh!

The Holy cross be my light!
Not the Dragon, Oh!
Not the cross be my light!
Not the cross be my light not the Dragon!
The Dragon be my light!
Latin Translation

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